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Flexibility and Customization

In-Company Training

Aiming at the technological improvement and the increasing evolution of the quality of the ceramic industry, CCB prepares training to assist the qualification of technicians and employees of the construction industry sector.

CCB offers training in the "In Company" format, where the main advantages of conducting this format are related to the customization of programs and greater flexibility in planning their implementation, at dates and times more appropriate to the reality of the company, or held in-house. CCB headquarters, with air-conditioned rooms and multimedia equipment.


The CCB has a new tool to assist in technical training aimed at the world of industry, business and personal training, the EAD-CCB..

Discover this training platform that will constantly be launching new courses completely online, so that you can access when and where you want, at the most convenient time.


  • Avenida Eduardo Cocco, nº45
  • Jd. D'Itália II - Santa Gertrudes/SP - Brasil
  • CEP: 13510-110
  • (19) 3545-9090


  • Rua Roque Cecagno, nº50
  • Jd. D'Itália II - Santa Gertrudes/SP - Brasil
  • CEP: 13510-112
  • (19) 3545-9090
"Contribute to the development and strengthening of the civil construction production chain through actions aimed at the evolution of quality, training and technological innovation."
"To be a national and international reference in quality and technological innovation in the production chain of the ceramic industry."
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